a golden menagerie

I love crafting but sometimes I am left with a useless thing that looks entirely too homemade. This craft is not one of those things. I stumbled across this gorgeous gold animal craft on Pinterest and decided to make a selection for Christmas presents. They turned out stunning and don't look like I made them (trust me this is a good thing). So here is how to make your very own golden safari atop a jar.

First you are going to need as many jars as you have animals. I bought the two pictured here at Michaels but I also used an old salsa jar for another. It doesn't matter what the lid looks like as we will be spray painting it. I also bought the animals pictured above in a safari tube from Michaels, they were really cute and it pained me a little to spray paint them. 

Once you have accumulated your jars and plastic pals it's times to spray paint. I imagine that you could use any color, but gold looks the most expensive and sophisticated. To begin spray the lids of the jars at about a ten inch distance to prevent paint runs and then let them dry about an hour before flipping over and doing the inside.

 To spray paint the animals its easiest to do it one side at a time to make sure you get all the nooks and crannies. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area, after the animals and lids have dried you can adhere them together with either hot glue or super glue. 

I used hot glue but for a sturdier end product I would suggest a higher strength adhesive. The jars create such a dynamic and interesting piece that can add whimsy to any space. I hope you enjoyed this craft!


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