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I remember clearly when I became obsessed with seeing the world. It was roughly 2006 and I had a horrible case of food poisoning. Because I was so sick my mom let me lay in her bed so I could watch TV; as I flipped through the channels I stumbled across the Travel Channel and more importantly Samantha Brown. There was a two day marathon of Samantha Brown Passport to Europe on and I was hooked. I became obsessed with visiting England and France and I bought anything with a picture of Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower. I watched each episode amazed and I remember telling my mom I was going to be the next Samantha Brown because I wanted to go everywhere. Flash forward eight years and I was a junior in college and trying to figure out where I wanted to study abroad, it seemed like fate to go to England. I chose a program in Bristol and it was hands down one of the best decisions of my life. When I finally arrived in London I felt like that eleven year old girl who was dreaming of travel again. From that point I have been fortunate enough to travel to many of the places my idol Samantha Brown went, my list is still growing and I am still exploring but it has all been so much more than a food poisoning riddled me could possibly imagine.

If at all possible travel; travel to new places and do new things, meet new people and grow as a person. Aside from all the corny wanderlust quotes on Pinterest, travel really does leave you a richer person with a better appreciation of other cultures. I can't wait to share travel guides to all the wonderful places I've visited but for now here is a list of some of my favorite places I've been.

London, England
Paris, France
Budapest, Hungary
Prague, Czech Republic
Marrakech, Morocco
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Edinburgh, Scotland
Bruges, Belgium
and many more


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