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Everyday I pack what seems like a small suitcase to go into Uni. Because of my distance from the business school, once I leave I'm gone for the day. The gorgeous bag pictured above was a 21st birthday gift from my parents and it is just improving as the leather. The bag is from Madewell and is personalized with my monogram which makes a plain bag seem special. I really enjoy using a shoulder bag to schlep all my stuff because it holds a ton and looks great with any outfit, however, when the term gets tough I do bring out my leather backpack. The following are all my daily essentials, not pictured are the mountains of crumbs and twopence coins littering the bottom of the bag.

1. My travelcard holder was a gift in a recent secret santa and has quickly become one of the best things in my bag. In the holder I have my bus pass, student ID, debit card and also my student visa. It's so convenient to have everything in one place.

2. I bought this list book from Paperchase with my special birthday discount that cardholders receive. Anyone who knows me knows I make lists for lists. This book has five note sections and some tabs for sectioning those notes. A perfect thing for keeping up with do dates, shopping lists and social engagements.

3. Pens, I love them and I don't share them. The pink one pictured is a Staedtler pen that I have in about 20 colors for note taking and filling out color coded to do lists (it's a problem) The green pen is part of a gorgeous Vera Bradley set that my mom gave me when I started Uni; these are special occasion only. 

4. My planner if from Paperchase and has just enough space to obsessively plan every part of my day. I also like to stick a cheeky to do list in there from number 2. 

5. Water. I need to have water at all times and this water bottle from the Leeds University Business School is the perfect size to throw in my bag and refill 4+ times a day. I really like carrying a small water bottle that doesn't contribute a lot of added weight (who needs that?). 

6. Kate Spade makes wonderful stationary and this notepad is no exception. It is designed to look like a library check out card and this book holds more to do lists but these generally have longer range goals. I'm sorry I know its a problem but am I the only one that writes down things they've already done just to cross them off?

7. Umbrella, enough said I live in England its a necessity. This umbrella happens to be broken and the wind prevents me from ever using it but its a security blanket and it was only four pounds from Primark so no real loss on its demise.

8. My Macbook pro is my lifeline and I always bring it when I have important group work to do or if I'm going to the library. On days where I don't feel like lugging a laptop I bring my iPad that the business school actually gave us!

This picture is also missing my lunch but to be fair the bag is usually missing my lunch because my brain isn't quite up to remembering it at 7:30. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing whats in my bag. I would love to see what you bring to school.


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