a look at 2015

I was talking with friends over champagne about 2015 and we were saying it was a pretty uneventful year. The more we talked the more we realized just how mistaken that claim was. So much happened in 2015 and it would be remiss to dismiss all the wonderful things that happened in favor of the shiny new promises that 2016 holds. So I want to take a moment to share some of my best memories of 2015. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment about what your favorite moments of 2015 were.

I started 2015 by rejoicing the fact that I passed both Analysis and Control Systems as well as advanced Finance. The biggest success for a second semester senior.
My sorority welcomed a whole new pledge class and all the crafting and fun associated with recruitment ensued. If there is one thing I love its crafting with glitter and I just don't get to do it enough now that my active sorority days are done.
This picture was taken on my favorite day of college with two of my favorite people. It was spring arts my colleges answer to Coachella and it was a lazy day of music, laughing and ignoring the impending reality of graduation.
During spring break I got to take a wonderful road trip across Colorado and soak up some much needed warmth in the very cold winter.
I graduated from college in 2015; it was so bittersweet and a day that seemed so far off until it actually arrived. I have such a pride for my alma mater that I don't think will ever fade. 
I moved out of my college home and many tears ensued. That porch was the site of reunions, people watching and just general gossiping. I still miss the slanted ceilings of that old house and the noise from the fraternity parties next door.
After college graduation I got the opportunity to travel around Europe for a month with one of my best friends. There were many laughs and inside jokes created. I highly recommend traveling for an extended period of time as cheap as possible. The best memories are made that way.
2015 was the year of the bonus summer. I didn't expect another summer of freedom but because I was going to graduate school I had one more summer off to work, hang out with friends and soak up some much needed vitamin D. 
I said goodbye to my little slice of paradise at home and prepared for rainier days. It was difficult to say goodbye to family and friends but now they just have an excuse to come visit me.
2015 was a big year because I made the move across the pond and made England my home. It's such an exciting opportunity and I still have to pinch myself when I think about how exciting my life is.
I started school at Leeds University Business School where I study Advertising and Marketing. It's a great school and I can't believe how gorgeous this building is!!
I was reunited with some great friends I made when I studied at the University of Bristol for study abroad during my undergrad. It was so nice to sit around and relive old times, and even better they are in the UK so there are many more fun plans in store.
I moved into a charming neighborhood in Leeds which is a little out of the way but very green!
I got to celebrate my 22nd birthday in London which was a dream come true. Something about turning 22 really made me feel older as opposed to all my other birthdays. I also got to have a mini celebration in August with my family as I wouldn't be home for my real October birthday.
I moved in with some wonderful people and got to go to my first rugby game. This game was part of Varsity which is a sports competitions between University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett which culminated in rugby. We lost but it was still a great time.
This was my first ever Thanksgiving away from home and it was also the first Thanksgiving that I was able to make my very own meal. Even though I am a vegetarian all my guests enjoyed my very small turkey. 

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