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I am currently in the throws of finals weeks. I know exams after Christmas it just doesn't seem fair at all. I am so used to having all my exams and papers turned in before Christmas and nothing to do over the holidays except eat, nap and partake in holiday cheer. However, now I am faced with four exams and two papers and I thought I would procrastinate a little and share some of my study/revision tips with you. These are skills are tried and tested and my best tips from almost five years of university!

1) Write don't type- this is one of my biggest  tips to success and actually remembering things. Writing takes more focus and in turn you remember and process more of what you are reading. And recall will be easier on exams where handwriting essays is required.

2) Review the morning of- Every time I have an exam I always wake up early and review my entire study guide once or twice. This helps with primacy recall and helps me refresh what I have been going over for many days.

3) Take Breaks- it might seem counterintuitive but it is so helpful to take a step back from whatever you're working on and do something different whether it be watch a short show, make dinner or have tea with friends. When you go back to work you will be recharged and ready for the next study session.

4) Sleep, sleep, sleep- So many of my friends during undergrad seemed to believe that the only way to be successful was to never stop studying and this meant giving up sleep. It's so important to get a lot of sleep when preparing for an exam because this is when your brain encodes all the information you've been cramming the entire day.

5) Be interactive- Finally, don't just stare at books, its really hard to take in information by just staring at words. Do something dynamic whether it be writing a study guide, making flash cards or reviewing topics with classmates and friends.

I hope these were helpful. If you have any more study tips please comment them below. Now I am going to follow my own advice and get back to work!


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