an alternative valentines day

Hi everyone! I am sure by this point you are being bombarded with pink and red posts detailing the perfect galentines day or ten great gifts for that special person in your life. Well take a deep breath because this is not one of those posts. I have always thought the idea of Valentines day was a consumeristic holiday that sets people up for disappointment. In high school we had a Valentines day secret balloon service where our peers delivered balloons to people from their secret admirers ( very Mean Girls I know) I ended up getting five balloons that day and all I could think was "why do I have to carry around these heart shaped balloons all day as people fawn over who my potential admirers were" (spoiler they were all from the same person). I'm a firm believer in showing people you care about them all year, whether its your gal pals or a significant other. So I am proposing this alternative Valentines look for the person who wants to ignore the day or just celebrate in a less cliche style. If you live in a cool climate this look would be perfect with a pair of black tights and black booties. The combination of the black with the floral is both edgy and feminine. You also avoid the risk of looking like natures worst candy the conversation heart. I hope you all enjoy this look and share your views on Valentines day!


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  1. I love this look! I especially love the sunglasses and the shoes.



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