I have a clear memory of riding in my best friends mom's car on  a warm March day; we were on the way to the mall to pick out dresses to wear to her sweet sixteen party. On that car ride our favourite thing to listen to was Adele's new album, specifically Chasing Pavements. I remember on that car trip we talked about where we would be in five years. Flash forward seven years from that exact day and I saw Adele in Manchester and listened to her play Chasing Pavements and all I could think was how does time pass so quickly?

The Adele concert was absolutely beautiful. Despite having seats in the exact last row of the Manchester Arena we never felt like the venue was as huge as it was because she took the time to talk to her audience and incorporate everyone. I was curious to see what an Adele show would entail, would we cry, would we dance, would we laugh? Yes, yes and yes. It was one of the most real and heartfelt concerts I have ever been to. She didn't need to have lots of back up dancers and costume changes because her voice was absolutely breathtaking and just as good if not better in person. She was such a genuinely funny person and I wished she would just talk for the entire show but her singing was just as beautiful. I hope you all have the opportunity to catch one of her other 99 shows (I know isn't that a crazy amount?!). Let me know what your favorite Adele song is.



  1. You're so lucky! In my country the tickets sold out in 5 minutes! I love Adele, specially her CD 21, I love all the songs of that record! She sings like an angel!
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    1. We barely got tickets too! Lots of refreshing the screen! She is amazing in person
      x Kaitlyn


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