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Do you ever get that feeling that you have so much to do but you just can't think of accomplishing anything? That's my current mental state; but today I want to share some of my favorite podcasts to listen to as I contemplate all the things I should be doing. My commute each day is about 45 minutes each way and I used to listen to music but I kept hitting that wall of "all my Spotify playlists suck and I can't fathom hearing this one more time". So I clicked on that little used purple icon on my iPhone you know the one that says podcasts and I was so surprised by how many great podcasts there are about virtually every topic. So here are my top five podcasts to get lost in while I ride the bus through the rainy streets of Leeds. (Warning I am lame and enjoy history and learning so these aren't for those who want the latest Kardashian gossip)

1) You Must Remember This

Hands down this is my favorite podcast and I can't say enough about Karina Longworth who narrates, researches and produces this podcast. You Must Remember This is " a storytelling podcast that explores the secret/forgotten history of Hollywood's first century". I wasn't at all interested in Hollywood history before hearing this podcast it is thoroughly researched and the events are described in vivid detail. If you have any small interest in Hollywood then this is a must must listen!

2) Serial

This is the podcast that got everyone talking about podcasts. Serial is a story told week by week based on a true story/ unsolved mystery. This season Sarah Koenig focuses on the story of Bowe Bergdahl a U.S. soldier who was captured by the Taliban and rescued by the U.S. government five years later. Bergdahl is currently under investigation for possibly being a deserter and Serial follows the story with vivid detail and lots of interviews and historical background. 

3)Rolling Stone Music Now

I really like listening to this podcast to get a greater insight into current and past music. Several people analyze music and performances in a very engaging manner and I have even found some new music from this one.

4) Unexplained

I got into this podcast simply because I started rewatching the X Files and this is along the same lines. It is a bi-weekly podcast about strange and mysterious real life events that continue to evade explanations. This one is a little eery but for those that like the unexplained this is a really great podcast.

5) Food Programme

I got into this one because I love learning about food, its origins and the implications it has on our earth and bodies. I believe this one is only available to those in the U.K. but if you are a food fanatic this one is great for learning a little more about the food we eat.

I hope you guys like some of these podcasts and please let me know some of your favorite podcasts. Well I guess I have to go back to not completing any work now.


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