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This past Friday I was able to take a deep breath and just relax because it's the start of the Easter holiday, a month of pure bliss. Well I have lots of work to do but for this weekend I forgot about those nasty details and had a fun day in town. On Saturday a friend and I decided to venture to a pop up art installation/café in city centre. The Weather Café is a temporary art installation sponsored by the Leeds city art council and " is inspired by the day's weather conditions, sound, light and wind and the weather inside the cafe respond to the shifting winds, the rising and falling humidity and the visibility of the sky outside".

When you walk in you are met with a surreal scene of grass floors, lights that drizzle and walls that stir quite the breeze. When you are seated you are given a pair of headphones and which plays stories told by various people around Leeds and each story is related  to six different types of weather; stillness, outlook, now falling, fragile and humilis. After listening to the stories for several minutes a member of staff comes over and asks what your current mood is and then recommends a type of tea based on that mood. I said I was feeling happy but a little stressed and I was recommended "smoke on the water" which I believe was a Lapsang Souchong (a tea that is very dividing but I love). After you sip your tea and reflect on the weather and stories you are free to get up and leave. I felt so free and calm and just ready to conquer mountains of work. I am sad that March 20th is the last day for The Weather Café but I will keep everyone posted on more popups in Leeds.

Let me know if you guys know any cool new pop ups in Leeds or any surrounding areas! xx


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