a rainy holiday

Hello everyone! I am back from a wonderful three week trip around the United Kingdom. I had a lovely month off from university and during that time one of my closest friends from home came to travel around with me. I picked her up from the Leeds train station at three in the morning and from there it was nonstop laughs and jokes. I think its so refreshing to have friends that know everything about you because its just so easy to be around them. Anyway we went to quite a few places and I thought I could show some of our best moments!

Our first day was spent exploring the shambles in York and eating ice cream in the sun. My friend thought I was crazy for wanting ice cream when it was barely 40 but I hadn't seen the sun in so long it seemed like the perfect treat. That evening we went out to some bars and had a lovely drunken catch up.

Our next destination was Liverpool, home of the Beatles. We got their nice and early to explore the rainy and cold streets. I absolutely loved the vibe that Liverpool had; you could tell it was city rooted in manufacturing but the river Mersey was beautiful. We went to the Beatles museum and spent an embarrassing amount of time there but if you are a fan I recommend it!! We also went to the Tate and the Merseyside museum both were outstanding.

After a slight change of plans we decided to go to the seaside town of Scarborough which was cold and rainy but cleared up into a beautiful day just in time for us to sit on the beach and enjoy some sun and lots and lots of dogs.

Our next adventure took us all over Wales where we hiked in Llandudno and Betws-y-coed and we took in lots of nature which was a welcome change after all the cities. 

Finally, we went to Bath for five days where we took some mini day trips to Bristol so I could show my friend my absolute favorite city in England. Then after a wonderful three weeks it was time for a tearful goodbye at the train station.

I hope you all had a lovely spring break! Did anyone go anywhere interesting?


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