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This month we are journeying back to Prague, Czech Republic. I was checking the "On this day feature" on Facebook and I saw a year to the day I was off frolicking and making questionable choices in Prague. I went as part of a month long spring break trip with two other girls and it was fab. To start I packed very poorly for that trip, poorly as in I didn't think to bring a coat. What a mistake that was, I spent the first day wearing a sweater, a sweatshirt, a light jacket and two scarves! So lesson learned don't assume just because its the end of April it will be warm. But once I moved past how cold I was I realized how beautiful Prague is as a city. While we were there we went on a walking tour, explored a Tim Burton exhibit, went to Prague castle, attended the opera and last but not least went on a pub crawl.

 Our hostel was in a converted cathedral and the ceilings were so pretty and made our stay even nicer. In addition to all the sightseeing we did, we also ate our way around the Czech Republic. Our favorite food that we tried was Trdlo which is a cylinder of dough that is baked and covered in cinnamon and sugar. Our most cultural stop of the trip was our little jaunt to the opera. We were woefully underdressed but we got to enjoy one of the most well know operas by a Czech composer, The Bartered Bride. It was a fantastic trip that went by in such a blur.

The Food stalls were all so cute and inviting: Our fave? The candied nut stall

This clock was made in the 13th century and has figures that pop out on the hour

Called the Adam and Eve towers because the right was built larger than the left

We were hard pressed to find a street that didn't have pretty buidlings

The day I wore a long sleeved shirt, a sweater, a sweatshirt, two scarves, and a jacket to stay warm. I'm not normally that puffy, even after all the trdlo

Such an interesting exhibit that displayed all of Tim Burton's original sketches

Just casually at the opera

The cast of The Bartered Bride
Classy opera selfies

Views of Prague Castle
Too bright for pictures

It looked like Disney World but even better

Love that trdlo

The Cathedral at the Prague Castle

I thought I had seen the best cathedral but they keep getting more and more impressive

My favorite stained glass window

Visiting Europe right before Easter was really nice because everywhere we went was decorated and even prettier

The ceiling of our hostel

And I still don't like beer

Me and my new pony friend... I think it smelled the candied nuts in my pocket
Let me know some fun places you guys have gone!


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