a weekend escape

Hello everyone! Long time no see.... sorry that's all my fault. Recently, I have been under the grips of finals and dissertation prep but thankfully last weekend I got to run away from my stress for awhile in London. Last Thursday I took the train to Kings Cross Station to meet up with one of my best friends from home who was passing through England after another trip. It was a whirlwind weekend of laughing, catching up and basking in the unbelievably warm sun.

Our first day was just a travel day but we managed to get out and explore some of London by night. It's such a beautiful city that will always have a special place in my heart. After a late, late dinner we went back to our hostel and rested for our next busy days.

On Friday we went to breakfast at the Breakfast Club in Spitalfields and then explored all the traditional London sites like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and St. James Park. Then we headed over to Covent garden and did some browsing and finished the day in Neals Yard having some very healthy juices. 

Saturday was filled with fun and we started by going to St. Pauls Cathedral and then passed over the Millenium Bridge before checking out the Picasso's at the Tate Modern. From there we headed over to Camden market where we had a delicious lunch and some ice cream made with nitrogen. We then wandered to Kensington and lounged in Hyde Park until the sun set and we finished the day with a glass of wine overlooking the park and a stroll by Big Ben one last time.

I came back to Leeds feeling refreshed and ready to trudge on through finals. I am looking forward to having a bit more free time come the 23rd so keep posted for more regular updates. Let me know a city that you love to go to!


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