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This week sees the end of my second term of my masters degree. My words are all a little jumbled and my head is foggy from so much academic writing but I am finally done (until my dissertation)! While this week wasn't the most exciting I thought I would share it in pictures because it gives a good insight into a typical academic week (ie not fun travel)! In addition to these lovely moments throughout the week I also hid in the business building churning out papers and exams!

Last week was Eurovision so we got some cheese and wine to watch the four hour european singing contest. Spoiler alert the Ukraine won.
It was actually warm this past Sunday so we took advantage and went on a flat walk to the Abbey and took some pictures. The sun is setting so late now we still have a good amount of light at 9:30

I reorganized a shelf in my room and the change makes all the difference. The sunglasses are pretty aspirational and I'm not sure the next time I can use those will be.
Morning runs in the Abbey are my favourite ways to get in some exercise and peace and quiet
After a hard day in the library the whole flat went for drinks at a rooftop bar in Leeds city center! I can't wait for summer to do this even more.

My typical study layout: lots of slides, pens, my computer and a grapefruit chapstick which gives me studying life
Most days I decide to study in the business building in an area meant for masters students and I cant complain because the space is beautiful and there are so many windows which is a main criteria for me when I study!
There is a rooftop terrace on the business school and I meet some friends to eat lunch and soak up some vitamin D before going back to work.
I tried my hand at a new recipe this week: it was a kale salad with curried chickpeas, it got an A+ for taste but a C for appearance.
I took my final exam this week in this massive room! 
Because I live on the eleventh floor we get the most beautiful sunsets and this week did not disappoint 
In addition to studying I helped my flatmate make these adorable cactus planters for her room

I hoped you all had a wonderful week and have some time for fun things this week. 


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