hello sun, wish you were here

The English rain is making me restless and uneasy. I woke up today thinking today is the day, today it will finally resemble summer; needless to say I was disappointed by another day bundled up in a sweater and coat to shield me from the wind. This is the first summer in all my years that I haven't returned home for at least some period of time. The pool has been opened, the sun is shining but I am far away from sultry summer nights and the friendly smell of sunscreen. I desperately wanted to go somewhere glamorous to holiday like the south of France or Santorini but a combination of low funds and a pile of dissertation work popped that dream bubble. Instead I thought I would make a summer to do list of attainable things to cheer myself up and take my mind off of bikinis and sandy toes. So here it is my English summer list, a far cry from sailboats and sandals but still lovely. Do you have any things you would like to do this summer?


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  1. Cheers to a great summer up ahead dear! Have a wonderful weekend xo



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