Hello everyone, I am back after a little break that was filled with much dissertation work and a cheeky little vacation. This past week I packed up all the essentials and left behind all the worries as I  vacationed in Norway. I am lucky enough to have a friend who calls Norway home, who also invited myself and another friend to come visit. We spent a week road tripping and camping and just seeing the beautiful country. We spent the first full day driving for thirteen hours to get from Lillehammer to Bergen. I had no concept how long it would take to drive up and down mountains but it was much longer and windy than I imagined. The time was also doubled by the amount of we stopped to take pictures. It seemed like every couple of kilometers the landscape changed and we just had to take pictures. One of our favourite adventures was having a snowball fight in July.

Our second full road trip day was full of ferries. Ferries are the primary way to cross fjords in Norway and we took three that second day. The weather was a little more gloomy but it gave us the opportunities to wear our sweaters and wellies. The final point of day two was Ålesund along the coast and it was a beautiful town and the weather began to clear by the time we set up our camp site.

The third day was spent celebrating a 23rd birthday with trolls and driving up one of the most insane roads I have ever seen. We also went to the troll pass and Geiranger fjord which were both breathtaking.

Our last days were spent driving and enjoying some yummy food. Before we knew it we were heading back to England with many memories. This road trip was so successful we are planning another for next summer maybe in the USA?

I had such a wonderful time in Norway which was definitely not where I thought I would be spending my summer vacation. But stay tuned because I am going to post some camping and roadtrip tips! Where have you all gone this summer?


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