s'mores and sunsets

Hi everyone! If you've been keeping up you will know I recently returned from a weeklong road trip around Norway. Because we are students and the budget was very low for the trip we decided to camp for the majority of the trip. I have been camping several times (never with my family that wasn't for them) but I have never gone with just friends. I thought I would share some funny anecdotes and camping tips that we learned along the way.

Norway is a super accessible country to camp in! We saw campsites advertised during our entire drive but we decided to stay outside major cities so we could see nature and cityscapes. We were very well equipped campers as we were preparing most of our meals from our car to save money, so not every camping trip needs to have the sheer volume of things we had. My first tip is bring chairs to sit on... I know you're thinking Kaitlyn of course we will bring chairs. But some people just think sitting in a tent will be ok... trust me its not you want to be able to sit out and see everything. Another thing we brought that was great, was a board game and some portable speakers, because we were on a self sanctioned technology ban we had fun listening to music, chatting and playing the Norwegian version of Monopoly. But when other people's music or the snorer in the next tent get too loud I recommend bringing foam ear plugs for sleeping. 

Summer in Norway is unlike any place I have ever been because it never really got dark! It was midnight and we were down by the water in twilight; one of my favorite nights of camping was getting to celebrate a birthday by dipping our feet in the North Sea. I don't think there is a better way to bring in 23 than taking in a new place with great friends. The constant light also made camping very easy because we didn't need to think about things like flashlights and lamps.

Now there is one reason I am not well suited to camping and that reason is I like to shower every day. My hair resembles an oil slick when its not washed daily and sadly my traveling companions had wonderful hair that never looked bad so it was just me. I wanted to shower but it was cold and often there is a charge to use the showers at campgrounds so that leads me to another tip. On top of bringing lots and lots of dry shampoo I also recommend just bringing a cup so you can wash your hair in the sink! I did this after day three of no shower and I felt like a new person and I actually wanted to be in pictures!

Are you guys going camping? If so what are some must haves that you like to bring?


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