a year since....

This fridge was completely bare exactly 12 months ago and now it is an accumulation of things done, things we thought we would do, laughs and bad decisions. As each magnet, flyer, and list was collected and placed it cemented the wonderful memories created over the past 365 days.

I caught a glimpse of a calendar yesterday and I was blown away to realize that it has been exactly one year since I packed two overweight suitcases and toddled off to JFK to begin my new life in Leeds. One year and about a million laughs later I have a Master's degree, countless new friends and lots of pictures to share. A year feels like a lifetime when you start off in a new place but narrows down into just moments when a place becomes a home. Leeds was everything I could have wanted, from its purple buses, endless eating options to its amazing music and art scene. Last week I said goodbye to that grey little city and my home nestled on the eleventh floor overlooking the glimmering opportunities that were the city lights. So now its time for a new chapter, one based here in my home of DC, back with college friends and American flags; life will sure be different and I won't get to casually say I live in England but I am excited to make a new home and have just as many laughs. So from now on Black Dress Black Tea will be a little more iced tea based and a little less rainy but I am so excited to share my next adventures with you! But first let me reminisce and share a couple pictures of my little life in Leeds!

The flatmates who made this past year one full of laughs, wine and baked goods

We complained that we lived in the middle of nowhere but now I wouldn't have it any other way

The building I seemed to spend every waking moment

And finally a year of painstaking work and I have finished my dissertation






  1. Congrats on your dissertation! I'm so glad that this has been such a great year for you! (Even if there have been scary moments) Can't wait to see more over the next year!


    1. Thanks Kiersten! I can't wait to see what adventures this year brings!

  2. Sounds like you had a crazy journey that was totally worthy at the end! Congrats on your 1 year & dissertation :)

    Kayleeć…£JK's Dawn

    1. Thank you! It was a crazy time but it was well worth it!


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