where have I been?

Yoo hoo it’s me. I have been gone for what seems like an eternity; I have lots of excuses none of which are very good. I have been a busy bee at my new job all while trying to be an adult but I think I have it sort of figured out (maybe not). So where have I been? Let me give you a rundown of events since my birthday post.

Firstly, I have joined the ranks of the working and I am now a full-fledged commuter (albeit by foot… does that still count?)  and I have been really enjoying my job at the PR agency. However, some downsides include lack of sunlight, non-existent free time, and an unhealthy consumption of caffeine.

Secondly, I have been nesting nicely into my new home. There have been lots of trips to IKEA, Target and Urban Outfitters to try to find the perfect pieces. Our home has taken on a decidedly midcentury modern vibe with some eclectic underpinnings. We ran into the age old DC problem of mice…. While adorable in Ratatouille they lack the same charm when they are nibbling food in my kitchen. But after some military like precision we have kept them out for a good while.

Thirdly, I have been exploring new and old cities. I took a trip back to my alma mater to see the campus and my sorority little. It was surreal being back in the library that caused so much stress. But it’s so refreshing to do things after work and feel like you have a social life.

Lastly, we have been hosting parties in our home as well as attending lots of dinner parties. Now that spring seems to be poking its little head around the corner I am feeling inspired to doddle on the blog again. Are you all looking forward to spring?


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