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In honor of Norway being named the happiest country in the world (I think its all the fjords and cheese) this months city spotlight will be Bryggen (Bergen) Norway.

If you are a long time reader you will know that last July I went on a weeklong camping road trip around the country of Norway. One of our first stops was Bryggen Norway, which is a beautiful city built along the Vågen Harbour. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has roots as far back as 1070. The colourful houses tucked in the hills and the views of the fjords were enough to enchant anyone.

Unfortunately, we were only there to explore for an afternoon but it was long enough to make an impression. There was some mild hysteria upon arrival (we had just driven 14 hours) and everything we did seemed like the best thing ever.

We walked around took pictures and had one of the best sandwiches ever (from 7/11 mind you!)  We meandered through a fish market, alongside the fjords, and in a alley of whimsical wooden homes. In our abbreviated stay we barely scratched the surface of the city but this blog has excellent options for the traveller with a little more time.

Have you been to Bryggen? If so I would love to hear about your favorite spot. 


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